Sectional Titles New

A dog's life

Jack Crook highlights the necessity for buyers to fully understand the rules they are agreeing to, while management associations must draft them clearly and enforce them.

Registrar's Circulars New

Chief Registrar's Circular 16/2014

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 16 of 2014: to address a change in the registration number of State owned companies, in instances where the last two digits have changed.

Property24 New

Property 24/10 - 233

This week on a good time to buy and sell property; agents not advising buyers properly; investors beware "analysis paralysis" and banks want to lend.

Sectional Titles New

Section 25 check-list

A check-list for the exercising of an extension of a sectional title scheme in terms of section 25 of the Sectional Titles Act.

Web Bytes New

Web Bytes - 508

This week: 10 Years of FNB Property Barometer: From boom to bust and back to sanity; consent needed to amend lease; and seven signs that you need a new nest.


2015 Conveyancing Seminar

Allen West presents his annual overview of the recent Registrars' Conference Resolutions and what you need to know to lodge deeds and documents in 2015.

Registrar's Circulars

Chief Registrar's Circular 17/2014

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 17 of 2014: Inter Vivos Trusts - suffixes for the identification of Offices of the Master of the High Court where the trust was registered.


OHS Construction Regulations

Chantelle Gladwin and Adam Civin on the impact of the 2014 Occupational Health and Safety Act Construction Regulations on "clients" and managing agents.


Property 24/10 - 232

This week on Turnaround for SA property market; basic traits are crucial for agents; beware rental market fraud; and agents must endorse home inspections.

Web Bytes

Web Bytes - 507

This week: Co-ownership of property means co-liability; don't wait with your compliance certificates; top five defects to look for in property; and residential building statistics.